Beal's Cowboy Buckles

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      If you do not have a credit card or bank account and donít want to pay with a money order you can still buy things at my website.

      You just follow the directions below and you can pay at any 7-Eleven or Ace Cash Express store.

      I use a new company called PayNearMe.

      Just send me an email ( or call 888.610.5550 (toll free in the US) with details about what you want to order. Shipping is free.

      I also need either an email address or a phone number.. I'll use that to identify who you are. When you logon to the Paynearme website enter that same information to identify yourself.

      Go to the website and you'll see:

      make a payment

      Start by typing "Beal's Cowboy Buckles" should get a drop down menu with that name on it.

      make a payment

      Select that name by clicking on it, then press "continue" and you're well on your way

      make a payment

      It now asks you for the phone number or email address you provided to identify yourself. Enter which one you have and then press "continue".

      make a payment

      It will ask you to confirm who you are

      make a payment

      And then it will ask you where you want to make the cash payment

      make a payment

      It lists that location or ones that are nearby

      make a payment

      Click on "pay"

      make a payment

      Either print out the payslip or have it sent to a mobile phone number. Click which one you want.

      You take that payslip down to the 7-Eleven or Ace Cash Express and pay with cash.

      They automatically notify me by email that your payment has been made and I ship it to you within 2-3 business days.

      Cost is $3.99 per transaction (for the convenience of being able to pay in cash).

      Copyright 2013 by Richard Beal. All Rights Reserved.